Our Machines

POREBA TPK / TRP Series Lathes

Heavy Duty Universal Lathes
TPK 90 / TRP 93  36" Swing

TPK 110 / TRP 110  43" Swing

80"-708"+ Machining Length

16'500 lbs capacity

POREBA TR Series Lathes

Heavy Duty Gap Bed Lathes

TR 115   45" Swing   

TR 135   53" Swing

80"-800" Machining Length

26'000lbs capacity


Heavy Duty Manual and CNC Lathes

TCG 125 49" Swing

TCG 160 63" Swing

TCG 200 80" Swing

157"-866"+ Machining Length

88'000lbs capacity

POREBA THG series lathes

Heavy duty CNC lathes specially designed for machining chilled iron and steel castings and forged steel rolls.

THG 80 31.5" Swing

THG 125 49" Swing

118"-590" Machining Length

88'000lbs capacity

POREBA TOK series lathes

Heavy Duty CNC Slant Bed Lathes

Extra rigid construction and up to 100HP main motor

TOK 80 31.5" Swing

TOK 110 43"   Swing

40"-157" Machining Length

Specialty Machine Tools

Heavy Duty Machine Tools for specialty applications.
Custom designs built to customer specifications.
Horizontal Lathes, Vertical Turret Lathes, Plano & Gantry Mills.


POREBA Remanufacturing Program

The Poreba Remanufacturing Program

We bring new life to used and worn machine tools.  The machine is fully disassembled down to the cast iron, all components undergo a detailed inspection for damage, all worn elements are remachined and refitted,  wearing parts are replaced and the machine is reassembled and fitted by our expert staff returning it to "as new" condition and accuracy.


Our factory trained technicians have decades of experience with all types of Poreba metal working equipment and will bring your Poreba machine back to like new condition.

The PRP Service encompasses

1. Regrinding the bedways and cross slide 

2. New Turcite linings for the carriage

3. Replacement of all machine bearings, including headstock bearings with new FAG, SKF or NSK depending on customer preference and product availability

4. Rebuilding of lead screw

5. Replacement of half nut

6. Detailed inspection and replacement of all worn gears, belt pulleys and other wearing parts.

7. Replacement of all clutches

8. New Control Cabinet with Eaton (UL) contactors & relays

9. Full replacement of all electrical wiring including the conduits

10. Replacement of cross slide and top slide screws with new nitrited and ground screws.

11. New Main Spindle & Tailstock Centers

12. Remanufacturing of tailstock quills

13. Detailed inspection of all electrical motors, and replacement of any worn bearings

14. Replacement of all V-belts

15. Machine accuracy as per ISO 1708 (as new condition)

16. Restored or New Sign Plates 

Additional Options

Additionally services include:

Retrofitting CNC controls onto existing manual lathe

Installation of precision rack double pinion Z-axis

Installation of DRO

Raising/lowering and/or extending/shortening of machine to meet customer specification 

PRP Lathe Replacement

If jobs are urgent and you cannot take your existing worn out lathe out of production, let us know.  We may be able to offer a remanufactured machine with the same parameters as your existing lathe and swap it in for your your worn out lathe, minimizing downtime and restoring machining accuracy.